Alpha Course at St Andrew's Kyrenia

The Alpha Course is recognised as the most significant contribution to communicating the facts about the Christian faith that has taken place in the last 100 years.   The course has been run in 169 countries, 112 languages and has had at least 22 million guests.

It provides an opportunity to explore Christianity in an open and relaxed setting and is suitable for those wishing to explore Christianity for the first time as well as those wishing to revisit the basic tenets of the Christian faith. In Psalm 51:12, we read that King David cried out to God “restore to me the joy of your salvation” and this renewed joy has been the experience of many mature Christians who have done the Alpha Course.

The Alpha Course has been run at St Andrew’s Church during the winter for the last four years. It has been so well received and appreciated by those who attended those courses that is has been decided to offer the opportunity to others.   Therefore, the Alpha Course will run each Friday, January to March 2017 from 1.00 – 3.30pm, beginning with lunch at 1.00pm. This will be followed by a DVD presentation.   There will then be a time of discussion in groups, giving the opportunity to ask questions and explore answers. Each session will end at 3.30pm.

An Introductory Session will be held in the church hall on Friday 13th January 2017.   It’s a ‘come and see’ which begins at 1.00 pm with lunch.  After lunch and the DVD presentation you will have an opportunity to register for the course which starts with Session 1 on 20th January 2017.  If you would like to ‘come and see’, why not consider inviting a friend along also?

There is no charge for the course, which includes lunch, but there will be a cost for the weekend away.   There is no obligation to continue with the course if, at any time later, you feel that it is not for you.  

To book a place at the Introductory Session please either telephone 0533 820 8158 or email Victoria Scurfield

About Alpha

When curate Nicky Gumbel took over the running of the church course at Holy Trinity Brompton in 1990, he noticed its appeal to those who would not describe themselves as Christians. The course became increasingly popular and, after the first training conference for church leaders in 1993, began running in other churches in the UK and around the world. Alpha International is a charity which publishes and promotes the Alpha Course in 169 countries worldwide. Today it oversees not only the Alpha Course, but also a range of associated ministries including Relationship Central, Worship Central, the William Wilberforce Trust, God at Work and St Paul’s Theological Centre. Visit the Alpha website for more information.