The Choir at St Andrew's Church, KyreniaThe choir at St Andrew’s Church has been in existence for many years and exists to enhance the experience of worship in St Andrew’s church: to lead the congregation in traditional hymns and the more modern songs and choruses of praise; to sing anthems appropriate to the Church’s calendar and to enrich the distribution of communion with contemplative and quiet hymns.

Our longest serving member is Linda Smith, who came to live in Cyprus in 1986. She immediately joined the choir, along with her mother-in-law, Ruth. In those days the choir sat at the back of the church, alongside the organ. Linda remembers about six people in the choir including one of the old characters of Cyprus, Sylvia Ridley-Dash, who brought an air of gentility to proceedings with her elegant apparel, including a fox-fur, although the aroma of moth balls was a little overpowering! Other choir members at that time were Veronica Whent and Alan and Janette Clare. After the rebuild of the church in 2003, the organ and choir moved forward, eventually to be seated in the apse of the church.

Judy Porter became Choir Mistress and Organist in 1984 when Canon Arthur Ryder asked her to take over from Jim Crabtree, the previous organist, and continued until her untimely death in early 2012. We have been fortunate that an accomplished musician, George Ward, was already a member of the choir, along with his wife Chris, and he has become our temporary organist. George become our Musical Director some years ago and continues to try to get the best out of a choir whose members are never always in the country.

We meet for choir practice every Tuesday night at 5.00pm in the church, and welcome new members.