Launch of Scene@StAndrews

At the Morning Eucharist on Sunday 19th March 2017, the Chaplain, the Revd Wendy Hough, launched Scene@StAndrewsKyrenia, a publication outlining the work and mission of St. Andrew’s over the recent past.

Quoting from her article in the publication, the Revd Wendy said, “Here at St. Andrew’s we are working hard to be a church community that lives out its appreciation of, and awareness of, the goodness, generosity and the greatness of God. All forms of service, including our financial giving, are encouraged and developed on the basis of a response to God’s call to us. We want to be at the heart of the community here in Kyrenia, serving all, whether residents, visitors, tourists or those who own homes here and visit several times per year (often known as swallows), expressing God’s abundant love in all we think and do and say.

“St. Andrew’s is a place to learn about why we worship God and we hope you will be drawn to share with us in exploring the exciting journey of faith.”

In addition a new Giving Form was promoted outlining ways of giving to the work and mission of St. Andrew’s via regular offerings (using envelopes or standing order), a one-off gift, or by means of a legacy. Revd Wendy encouraged all those who are able to also use the UK’s giftaid scheme to increase their contribution at no extra cost to themselves.

Donors from around the world may also donate using to give to the newly formed St Andrew’s Church Kyrenia UK Charity.


The congregation at the launch of Scene@StAndrewsKyrenia

Joint Statement of the Religious Leaders of Cyprus on International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, March 8th 2017, the Revd Wendy Hough was honoured to participate in the first joint statement of the Religious Track of the Cyprus Peace Process, condemning all forms of violence against women.

The church should always be a relevant contributor to the society which it serves. This is one way in which we also play our part.

Women’s World Day of Prayer celebrated in St. Andrew’s

It has been the tradition at St Andrew’s Kyrenia for many years that we join together with women around the world to pray together on the occasion of The Women’s World Day of Prayer.  This year’s service took place on Friday afternoon, 3rd March 2017, and had been designed by the women of the Philippines.

Am I Being Unfair to You?

Program written by the  World Day of Prayer Committee of the  Philippines
Matthew 20:1-16

Our service began with ladies entering the circle of worship dressed as women from the Philippines carrying symbols representing the lives of many Filipino women and girls. They are often victims of domestic violence or sex trafficking, migrant domestic workers abroad, and survivors harmed emotionally and economically by disasters in the environment or unsustainable development policies.

Using Matthew’s parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard and hearing of the lives of some of the women in the Philippines we learnt that God gave these islands abundant resources, both human and material. God is the great provider and provision is for all of creation. Migrant workers, farmers and indigenous peoples in the Philippines offered us a perspective to reflect on the main Bible text of the service.  God’s economic justice is in contrast to the economy where the strong and powerful take God’s resources for themselves and their families. The kingdom of God provides for all, even for those who do not acknowledge it.  In the coming days we will be reflecting on the words “Am I being unfair to you?”

Below are some photos from the service in St. Andrew’s.

Lent in St. Andrew’s

Lent can, if we let it, summon us from the safe harbours of our lives into a wide expanse of existence. Part of the point of deciding to lay things down, or to take things up (depending on the decisions we make as Lent begins) is that in doing so we make our lives unfamiliar, even if only in a small way. We check ourselves as we reach for those familiar safety devices like chocolate or alcohol and challenge ourselves into a less familiar response. What we “do” for Lent is far less important than who we become. Who are you becoming this Lent? What have you learnt about yourself and about God that is transforming you? What wilderness experience do you need to encounter for God to transform you, our church and our world? “

This year at St. Andrew’s we invite you to experience Lent not as a season of restriction but one of wide open spaciousness in which to learn new lessons, to grow in faith and to give God the chance to meet us in new ways.

In Lent we remember especially the depth of despair laid out before Jesus and he still chose to go. His whole life and ministry was summed up by the choices he made in the wilderness when tempted by the devil. He could have chosen the easy way but instead he chose the hard way. He could have chosen the way that brought personal honour and praise but instead he chose the way brought love and compassion. He could have chosen grandeur and comfort, but instead chose to live alongside those who had nothing. He saw and knew exactly what he chose but he still said: “Let me go there”.

Come with us and Jesus as we take time to enter the wilderness and hear the challenge to come and follow him. The question is, whether we, like him, can echo those words: “Let me go there”.

In addition to our regular services throughout Lent, each Tuesday evening from 7th March to 4th April at 7.00 p.m. in the church, we will be holding a Lent Eucharist and course reflecting on the theme Knowing and Growing – a Lent course to change our lives.

 Also during Lent there will be a reflective service in the Chapel at the Hermitage on Sundays at 6.00 p.m.

A time for transformation of lives and church

Holy Week – 10th to 14th April 2017

Holy Week (10th to 14th April) will be marked by an evening service in the church daily at 7.00 p.m.

On Thursday 13th April (Maundy Thursday) the service will include Washing of the Feet and stripping of the Altar and on Good Friday (14th April) we can spend three hours at the Cross while exploring The things He did by Stephen Cotterell.

‘Dream’ course in Lapta

From Richard Dobbs:

In March, we will start a Home Group course using a book designed for Bible study by Archbishop Desmond Tutu entitled God has a Dream.

In his book Archbishop Tutu explores our relationship with and God’s dream for us, along with topics such as forgiveness and reconciliation. He draws, of course, from his vast experience in South Africa’s turbulent times.

The study will last much of 2017 beginning March into April, then June into July completing the course early September onwards.

I hope those living west of Kyrenia e.g. Alsancak, Lapta and Karsyiaka will be able to come along – of course, anyone is welcome. We expect to meet on Tuesdays at 11.00am beginning on March 21st.

If you contact me on 0533 844 9965 or via email I will give you directions to us in Lapta.

Palm Crosses from St. Andrew’s

There was a hive of activity in Lapta this week when a small group of St Andrew’s Parishioners got together to make 1000 Palm crosses which will be sent to our link Diocese of Exeter in the UK for the Palm Sunday service on Sunday 9th April. Other parishioners  were similarly occupied in their homes and by the end of the day 627 were completed – well on the way to the total!

Seafarers’ Christmas Boxes – Thank You

Mission to Seafarers

St. Andrew’s, in common with other parishes in the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf, supported the Mission to Seafarers with their collection of small gifts, presented in “shoeboxes”, to bring some Christmas cheer to those whose work aboard ships to provide us with many of the daily necessities of our lives meant that they were away from home and loved ones over the Christmas period.

The Cyprus Chaplain for the Mission to Seafarers, Mr. Ken Wiseman, visited St. Andrew’s and preached a very moving and informative sermon at the 10.30am service on Sunday 18th December 2016. Following this he took the 35 shoeboxes collected by the congregation and the wider community back to the Mission in Limassol to be distributed to seafarers.

The following letter was received by the Chaplain, the Revd Wendy Hough, from Mr. Wiseman:

7th January 2017

The Rev’d. Wendy Hough
St. Andrew’s Church

Dear Wendy

On behalf of Mission to Seafarers (Limassol) may I thank you , the congregation of St. Andrew’s and the wider community of Kyrenia, for the wonderful number of shoeboxes they donated to the Christmas appeal.

Your generosity helped us to distribute just short of 200 boxes to sailors visiting the Port of Limassol during the Christmas period.  Please be assured that the contents provided by all were gratefully received especially by those who are so far away from home at this special season.

Again, very many thanks for your contribution and hard work and support.

Yours sincerely

 Ken Wiseman


Seafarer's Christmas Shoebox

New Year Party at the Hermitage

By Margaret Sheard
from Cyprus Scene with kind permission

We were delighted to be invited by Rev’d Wendy Hough, the Chaplain of St Andrew’s Church, Kyrenia, to a get-together at the Hermitage on Friday 6th January.

The Christmas period is obviously a very busy time for Rev’d Wendy and she felt that after the festivities it would be nice to get people together at a time when it suddenly goes very quiet, hence the invitation to The Hermitage for drinks and nibbles and a chance to meet up with frends and acquaintances old and new.

Through the Christmas period many people were ill as a result of the virus which has swept through North Cyprus so the decision to hold the get-together after Christmas was a very good idea.

We arrived to find a large number of people in the small lounge area of The Hermitage, all chatting away and enjoying the occasion.   Because of the time we spend publicising news and articles on we are not often able to attend events but felt that we needed to have some quality time with people and were pleased to accept the invitation.  As usual there were people we knew and some we did not so it was good to make some new acquaintances and we hope to meet up with some of the interesting people we spoke to and be able to publish some of their news and reviews in the future.

It was an extremely nice evening and such a good idea in this rather uneventful time of the year to bring people together.

Thank you Rev’d Wendy for your hospitality.

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