Lapta Home Group restarts after summer

After the summer break the Lapta Home Group will reconvene on Tuesdays at 11.00am, starting on Tuesday 4th September 2018.

This session will take 7 – 10 weeks to study Isaiah, ‘Prophet of Restoration’, focussing on Chapters 40 – 66 and seeing how they interact with the New Testament and the fulfillment of prophecy: Shepherd God, Shepherd Son and all that those terms entail.

The group will meet at 3 Laden Sokak, Lapta, home of Richard & Christine Dobbs.

Anyone new is most welcome to join. Simply contact Richard Dobbs on 0533 844 9965 or email for more information and directions to his home in Lapta.

St. Andrew’s joins in Kurban Bayram tradition

Kurban Bayram, the Feast of Sacrifice (Eid al-Adha) in the calendar of our Muslim sisters and brothers here in North Cyprus and throughout the world runs from 21st to 24th August this year. So may we first of all wish you a sincere Kurban Bayramınınz Mübarak Olsun – May you have a blessed Kurban Bayram!

Traditionally at this time offerings are given for the poor and needy. A lamb or goat will be sacrificed and one third shared with neighbours and friends, one third kept for the family’s use, and one third given to the poor.

St. Andrew’s would like to join with the wider community in observing this tradition, though not in the sacrifice of a poor sheep!

Rather a collection is being made in church over the next few Sundays by means of a retiring collection, and the proceeds given to those less fortunate than ourselves. We plan to support the Special Needs School in Karakum near Kyrenia – some of you may know it as the Gingerbread House on the road east out of the city.

If you would like to support this worthy cause you can do so in several ways:

  • by contributing on the retiring collection plate at any of the services in St. Andrew’s
  • by making a donation via the website, clicking here or on the “MyDonate” button and, when making the donation, indicate that it is for the Kurban Bayram collection
  • by contacting the Churchwardens or the Acting Chaplain to indicate the amount you would like to donate

Please be as generous as you can, especially for our local friends and neighbours struggling during this time of economic turmoil when the Turkish lira has lost so much of its value.

Thank you.

Sea Sunday at St. Andrew’s

The second Sunday of July (which fell this year on 8th July 2018) is traditionally marked as Sea Sunday when we remember and pray for sefarers and their families.

This year St. Andrew’s was privileged to welcome Mr. Ken Wiseman, Director of the Mission to Seafarers in Cyprus as guest preacher at the 10:30am Holy Communion Service. Once again Linda Lister provided a magnificent floral display with the sea and seafarers as its theme.

During his sermon Ken reminded us of the loneliness of life at sea and the welcome that the Mission to Seafarers can give to those who may have had no contact with their family for many months at a time. Living in an island nation as we do the work of seafarers is vital to our very survival. Thus it is only right and proper that we should support them as much as we can, both spiritually with our prayers and materially with our gifts.

St. Andrew’s has, for the past few years, traditionally supported the Mission to Seafarers at Christmas with “shoebox” collections of small items which are then distributed by the Mission to those who are in port at that time. Ken presented a certificate to St. Andrew’s to thank the congregation for their support in 2017 and looks forward to that support continuing this year.

Mr. Ken Wisemand and the Revd Michael Graham

Certificate of Service

The magnificent floral display by Linda Lister



Celebrations at St. Andrew’s

Fr Edward and his wife Janet

Sunday 1st July marked a special day of celebration. On that day Fr. Edward Jervis, one of the retired priests in St. Andrew’s, celebrated the 40th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood.

The lectionary was laid aside for that day and instead the readings for the Feast of SS Peter and Paul were used, together with hymns appropriate to the occasion, for it was during Petertide that Fr. Edward was priested in 1978 in Lichfield Cathedral while serving as a curate in the parish of West Bromwich in the Diocese of Lichfield.

Fr Edward served as curate in West Bromwich from 1977 – 1980 when he became curate in Horsham in the Diocese of Chichester from 1980 – 1986.

Following this he was Instituted as Rector of the Parish of West Tarring, also in the Diocese of Chichester, where he served until his retirement in 2014.

Mr. Justin Arnott, Ordinand and Preacher

The guest preacher for this special service was Mr. Justin Arnott. Justin lives in Cyprus and has been a Lay Reader attached to the Cathedral of St. Paul in Nicosia. Following training he is to be ordained Deacon in the Cathedral on Saturday 7th July 2018 and will continue to serve in St. Paul’s.

During his sermon Justin marvelled at the juxtaposition of a new ordinand and a long-serving priest, but emphasised to the congregation that all ordained ministers, indeed all in the Church whatever the ministry to which they are called, ordained or lay, are supported by the prayers of the whole Church. This is vital and must be continued throughout the Diocese and beyond.

The beautiful floral display made by Linda Lister

The sanctuary contained a beautiful floral display made by Linda Lister which not only incorporated the red liturgical colour associated with the Saints’ Day but also a scroll bearing an inscription from Matthew 16: 18,19. In keeping with this verse Linda had also added red keys to the display and a bible, representing the one give to Fr Edward at his priesting.

The celebration cake

Following the celebratory Eucharist the congregation were invited to St. Andrew’s Hall for some delicious anniversary cake made by Linda Smith and “fizz”, where they were joined by other members of the Diocese to congratulate Fr Edward on his special day.

The congregation before the service

The congregation in the “naughty corner”!

Fr Edward celebrates at the Eucharist

Fr Edward and Mr. Justin Arnott

The congregation enjoying refreshments in the Hall

Fr Edward and Janet cut the cake

Fr Edward speaks in the Hall

Bishop Michael visits St. Andrew’s

On Sunday 24th June 2018 Bishop Michael and Mrs Julia Lewis visited St. Andrew’s where the Bishop celebrated and  preached at the 10:30am service of Holy Communion.

Using the Lectionary texts for the day (Job 38: 1-11, Psalm: 107: 1-3, 23-32, 2 Corinthians 6: 1-13, Mark 4: 35-41) Bishop Michael reminded us that, like the sea, parishes have their periods of storm and tumult as well as periods of calm. But Christians are to think about God’s grace and widen our hearts to see the “bigger picture”: what and who God is.  We have seen God in Christ. People may mock us for how we behave sometimes, but God knows us and what we can be. We have been given the gifts of grace and love which we must show to the world.

Returning to the image of the storm about which we heard in the Gospel reading, the disciples, we are told, were, naturally, afraid as the wind whipped up violent waves which threatened to swamp the boat. But Jesus slept. When they woke him, to calm them he simply said “Peace”, and peace came. They already had what they needed in the boat in the person of Jesus. Like them, in the storms and tumults of our lives, we must remember that Jesus is with us too, always.

Following the service Bishop and Mrs. Lewis joined us for refreshments in the Hall.

Report on Music Week 2018

For the third year in succession, the second week in June saw St Andrew’s hold a ‘Music Week’, intended to introduce fresh expressions of worship to our people, to allow for the flourishing of local talents and to attract newcomers to the church.

Canon Martin and Noreen White

The Director of Music, Earl Moffitt, assisted by the regular choir together with Organist, John Crothers, were joined by a former cathedral organist and his musician wife, who acted as special ‘facilitators’ for the Week. Martin and Noreen White, who before retirement had worked for many years in Northern Ireland, came to the island specifically to give of their expertise and experience in workshops with the choir members. They also participated in the various events.

The choir rehearsing

The regular singers, who had already been rehearsing for some weeks prior to Music Week under their Director of Music, found that things ‘came together’ admirably when accompanied by Martin and conducted by Earl and Noreen. The singers provided the music at the regular Thursday morning Eucharist and, that evening, went on to give a relaxed but thoughtful presentation of ‘favourite hymns’, chosen by members of the congregation.

Music Week this year was dedicated to the memory of Gordon Appleton, formerly RSCM Regional Co-ordinator and our first Music Week Director in 2016, who had died unexpectedly on Easter Day. At the hymn event, a new hymn tune, suggested by Gordon and written by John Crothers, was sung in his memory.

John Crothers pays tribute to the late Gordon Appleton

On the Friday evening, a Concert of Choral and Organ Music attracted a capacity audience to the church, where on the very fine Johannus instrument Martin played a number of solo organ pieces, plus a memorable movement from a Händel Organ Concerto in tandem with Noreen at the piano. The choir, conducted by Earl, were in fine form in a number of items that displayed both the range of the music chosen and the range of their voices. John then read a specially-written tribute to Gordon Appleton, before the choir sang “He came singing love”, a moving anthem that had been introduced by Gordon two years earlier and which was, by common consent, one of the highlights of the evening.

A buffet reception in the lovely precincts of the church under the stars provided a fitting end to two intense days of music-making.

After a refreshing boat trip around the north coast of the island on the Saturday, singers and facilitators alike were ready to provide a Sung Festal Eucharist for the Sunday. By a happy coincidence, Saints Barnabas of Cyprus and Columba of Ireland were to be honoured that day, so appropriate music marked the occasion. Even a temporary, unexpected power cut, which removed the organ accompaniment, proved to be no obstacle to the choir, who sang on as they had been trained, and reached the end of their anthem still in tune and to applause from an appreciative congregation!

Even now, many are looking forward to the events of the Fourth Annual Music Week, with plans already being laid for 2019. Certainly, the 2018 edition was felt to have fulfilled its purpose: above all, perhaps, it helped bond our musicians together and brought a number of visitors to the church, to be welcomed by our greeters, while the Friday Concert raised a substantial sum of money for a local cancer charity and the Women’s Refuge in North Nicosia.

John Crothers
June 2018

Canon Martin White comments:

It was a wonderful experience for my wife, Noreen, and myself to participate in Music Week at St. Andrew’s Church this year. We had never before visited this part of Cyprus, and we were delighted to find such interest and enthusiasm for Church Music!

We were welcomed most warmly by everyone in the Choir and also by so many members of the congregation and the wider community of Kyrenia. Each event had been carefully planned by Earl Moffitt, and we were so glad that the two services, the ‘Favourite Hymns’ evening and the Friday Concert went so well. 

After the opening Eucharist, Noreen conducted a ‘Liturgical Music Workshop’, with members of the choir taking part wholeheartedly, introducing some newer and less familiar pieces. It is hoped that some of this music may be of use in the future, and one item, a Gospel Acclamation Alleluia, has already been sung at St Andrew’s at the final service of Music Week.

I was happy to play the organ for 29 hymns for use in the church when no organist is available. It is so good that the technology now exists to operate the Johannus organ on occasions when neither John Crothers nor Earl are present.

We were impressed by all aspects of Music Week: the devotional atmosphere of the church, the wonderful flower displays, the singing of the choir,  the vocal and instrumental solos, the fine readings at the Friday Concert, and Fr. Michael’s superb preaching!  We were so kindly welcomed, and we so much appreciate the flowers we were given, the Music Week cake, and the lovely painting presented to us. This is now being framed, and will remind us for years to come of a most enjoyable week in St. Andrew’s, Kyrenia.

Martin White
14 June 2018

From Noreen White:

I was delighted to be asked to lead a choral workshop at the St. Andrew’s Kyrenia Music Week 2018. Earl Moffitt, the director of Music, had earlier explained that he directs a choir consisting of some regular members, but also many ‘swallows’ who travel back and forth to Cyprus, with limited time for rehearsal, so I concentrated on introducing some music that might be useful  for future liturgies, but that could be prepared in a short time.

We began with some ‘Alleluia!’ settings, and one of these (from Luçon in France) was later used for the final celebration of the Eucharist in Music week. The choir was most welcoming and sang heartily as we tried out an eclectic international programme that included music from Ireland, the USA, France, Spain and England, finishing with a setting of the ‘Christchurch Eucharist’ by my husband, Martin White, written for Christchurch, Kowloon Tong in Hong Kong.

My sincere thanks to the choir of St Andrews for the warmth of your welcome, for the delicious Black Forest Gateau and presents, and for all your kindness during our stay. None of this would be possible, of course, without Earl’s exceptional organisational skills and work before and throughout Music Week, and so I would like to pay tribute to his hard work, kind heart and generous hospitality.

Noreen White
16 June 2018

Favourite hymns evening

The audience at the Friday concert

Rae Tilley

The audience at the Friday concert

St. Andrew’s welcomes Archdeacon John

On Sunday 3rd June 2018, the First Sunday after Trinity, St. Andrew’s welcomed the Ven Professor John Holdsworth, Archdeacon of Cyprus, and the Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf Executive Archdeacon.

To a full church Archdeacon John preached on the letters of St. Paul, and those to the Corinthians in particular. Reflecting on a recent trip to the Gulf he recalled that the focus of prayer in a mid-week Eucharist was “Examinations”! Obviously at this time of year all students, indeed all college and university staff, are focussed on this particular aspect of their life, some looking forward to it more than others.

Archdeacon John then spoke of St. Paul’s letters, many of which address particular problems in the fledgling churches of his time. He likened it to an examination, but in reverse: this time we have answers but we don’t know the questions and our goal is to try to discover what the particular situation was in any church to which Paul was writing. He then expounded on some of the problems facing the church in the Corinth of Paul’s day.

Following the service, at which Archdeacon John presided at the Eucharist, many members of the congregation repaired to the Church Hall where they enjoyed light refreshments and a chance to chat.

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