Signs of hope? Christian-Muslim relations in Syria

On Sunday 13th May 2018 we welcomed the Revd Andrew Ashdown and his wife, the Revd Victoria, to participate in the 10.30 am worship at St. Andrew’s Church Kyrenia.

Following the service, at which the Revd Victoria preached, Andrew spoke of his fascinating experience in Syria and presented us with the challenge of a perspective often quite at odds with mainstream media.

“Signs of hope?  Christian-Muslim relations in Syria. Historical and contemporary dynamics, in peace and conflict.”

This  talk illustrated current realities in Syria through the lens of  the life of faith communities in that country, both prior to and during the conflict.

The Revd Andrew Ashdown has been an Anglican priest for 28 years, and is currently undertaking Doctoral Research in the field of Christian-Muslim Relations in Syria.

As well as being a regular visitor to Syria prior to the conflict, Andrew has visited the country 9 times in the last three years.  He has travelled widely in the country both independently and as a member of delegations, including visiting areas most affected by the conflict, and has met thousands of people from all communal backgrounds, including hundreds of internally displaced persons in different parts of the country.  He has met with many senior religious and political leaders, both government and internal opposition figures in the country, and in December 2016, he witnessed the final battle for East Aleppo, and was the first British person to enter the Old City of Aleppo, and areas of East Aleppo just hours after the last snipers had been removed.  His research focusses on the religious dimensions of Syrian society and context.

Andrew is married to Victoria, who is an Incumbent in the Winchester Diocese.

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