Church Council Meeting Synopsis – 19th October 2022

Synopsis of Church Council Meeting Minutes

Subject to ratification

Wednesday 19th October 2022

1)  Zoom LicenceAnne requested that council give her permission to go ahead to use her personal credit card to purchase this licence.  Council agreed to reimburse her. 

2)   Service Sheets and Readings – Lyn Hillard has stood down from preparing the Service Sheets, council wished to record their gratitude to Lyn for all her time spent doing this essential job.  Anne had offered to take on the task and Mike Graham is to produce the Readings each week. 

3)   Christmas Services – There is to be a Carol Service on Sunday 11th December at 4pm.  Archdeacon Christopher will come to take the Christmas Day Eucharist, but this year we will not be holding a Christmas Eve midnight eucharist.  Council agreed to this.

4)   Hall Management – No one has yet come forward to replace Sally.  Advertising will continue.  If a replacement is not found the current hall bookings will have to be cancelled which would be a loss of approximately 2750tl per month, not counting any “one-off” bookings. 

5)   Fabric and Maintenance – The hot water heater in the kitchen is to be repaired.

The crack in the floor between the old and new parts of the church building is enlarging and needs attention.  Jacqueline is to have a discussion with Stuart regarding the best course of action.

Council’s attention was drawn to the shabby appearance of the external paintwork.  This remedial work is to be planned for spring 2023. 

6)    Finance – The Treasurer had produced a Financial Reports for September, copy attached.

There were discussions on future stewardship projects.  The chairman recommended the setting up of a small Stewardship sub-committee to discuss these ideas further.

The Diocesan Contribution for 2022 had been paid. 

New Bank Signatories had been agreed.

5)  Advertisement for New Incumbent – An advert for a new incumbent had been placed with the Church Times.  This should also be reproduced in the magazine and on the website. 

The chairman said that council should encourage the church to support this process with their prayers.

6)   Synod Delegate – Council decided that in the interest of economy only one delegate would be sent to Synod in Larnaca in 2023 and that will be Earl Moffitt.