End of an era

On Sunday 15th May 2022 it may truly be said that we experienced the end of an era when we said farewell to Mavis Steel, one of the most chronologically-gifted members of St. Andrew’s, who is returning to the UK after over 30 years living in North Cyprus. Sadly her husband Ray predeceased her some years ago.

Mavis was a staunch supporter of St. Andrew’s through thick and thin and was always ready to welcome newcomers. Her ready smile and warm embrace is one of the treasured memories of those who came to live or visit us here.

Her daughters, Christine and Caroline, sang a snatch of Mavis’s favourite hymn for us – ‘Walk in the light’ after which Mavis thanked us all for making her time in North Cyprus so special.

We wish Mavis Godspeed with the hope that she will soon settle into her new home. We will remember her with gratitude in our prayers.

As Mavis often said during our Thursday morning discussions: “It’s a mystery!”.

God bless, Mavis. We’ll miss you.