Representatives visit the President

John and Jenny Worton-Griffith; Ersan Tatar, Başkan of the TRNC; The Revd Fr Michael Graham

Visit of representatives of St. Andrew’s Church, Kyrenia
to the President of the TRNC, Ersin Tatar

On Wednesday 6th April 2022 John and Jenny Worton-Griffiths and The Revd Fr Michael Graham were graciously received by the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ersin Tatar, at Cumhurbaşkanlıĝı, Lefkoşa.

John Worton-Griffith thanked Ersin Bey, as leader of the people of the TRNC, for the tolerance and respect which are shown to the members of St. Andrew’s Church by the whole community. We have full freedom to worship, and we receive the support and assistance of the authorities and the citizens of Kyrenia and beyond. This was shown particularly during the planning and extension of the church in 2003 and in 2013 during the celebration of the centenary of its foundation.

John also thanked Ersin Bey personally for his support as Minister of Finance when the magnificent Johannus organ, a centrepiece of our worship, was brought to the island. The UK expatriate community also very much appreciates his attendance and support at the Service of Remembrance held in November at the Old British Cemetery in Kyrenia.

In support of the community members of St. Andrew’s parish have helped in many individual ways to try to alleviate the suffering caused by Covid and the recent cost of living increases. The church is currently making a collection to be sent via Küzey Kıbrıs Türk Kızılayı (the Turkish Red Crescent) to help the people of the Ukraine who are suffering such terrible privation at this time.

Following the resignation of our last Priest, Fr Michael – who has KKTC residency in his own rented home – generously offered to be our Priest-in-Charge until a new appointment.

Now is the time to determine how best the next appointment can be made. The new Residency requirements in the TRNC and the 90-day North/South rules following Brexit require us to clarify the terms of the appointment. Fr Michael explained in future the post may be advertised as “house for duty”, which means that the Church will provide housing, a car, and expenses only – no stipend or other remuneration will be offered. Effectively this means that whoever is appointed will probably be of retirement age with a private (perhaps pension) income.

We humbly requested Ersin Bey’s support and assistance to enable the appointment to be made within the TRNC ministerial requirements, with no work permit or associated issues applying. This will be the first appointment of a Papas to St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Kyrenia based wholly in the TRNC.

Ersin Bey most graciously agreed to offer such support and assistance as may be necessary, for which we at St. Andrew’s are most grateful.