St. Andrew’s Hall given a spruce up

St. Andrew’s Hall is not only utilised by the parish but is also used by many and varied other groups within the wider community here in Kyrenia.

However, like many of us, it was showing signs of age and needed a spruce up before the forthcoming Easter Festivities.

Consequently, with Church Council approval and under the gentle, but persuasive, direction of Church Warden Gloria Tattersall, the Hall received a good clean, the removal of now redundant cupboards and a fresh coat of paint in the Hall itself, the kitchen area, the toilets, and the stairway down from the church.

The results have been oustanding and sincere thanks must go to all of those who gave so generously of their time and talents, not only with preparation and painting but also with the provision of refreshments to lift tired spirits and bodies. Not least thanks to Gloria whose energy seems to be unbounded.

Would that the rest of us who are also showing signs of age could be quite so easily refurbished!

Volunteers gathering for the hall redecoration

Resting from their labours

Enjoying the newly redecorated Hall for after-church coffee on Sunday

The refurbished kitchen area

All bright and beautiful

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