Thanksgiving and Welcome!

On Sunday 23rd October 2022 St. Andrew’s was full, almost to overflowing, as we too gave thanks for the bounty of the earth (and the work of human hands) which sustains each and every one of us in our daily lives.

The church had been beautifully decorated under the direction of our Incumbent’s Churchwarden, Jacqueline McIntyre, and the gifts generously donated to help those in need were distributed throughout the church. These were taken to our friends in Tulips and the Women’s Refuge where they were passed on to those most in need.

But that day also marked an important day in the life of baby Luca Shatimwene, son of Monika and Lukas Muunda, who was welcomed into the family of the church at his baptism by the Revd Edward Jervis.

Following the service the congregation gathered in the church hall to enjoy a feast of refreshments provided by members of the congregation and friends.