The Hermitage – A Message from the Wardens

The window of the Hermitage Chapel

This week we are able to announce that after a long and very difficult period following the resignation of our former Chaplain, Ms Wendy Hough, and her unauthorised occupancy thereof, The Hermitage has now once again been secured for the future use of St. Andrew’s Church as a Chaplaincy residence.

On Tuesday this week the remaining articles left by Ms Hough in the Hermitage were delivered to the house in Lapta where she is now located.

We are grateful for all the support given to us by past and present Church Council members, Wendy Davies, Chairman of the Society of St Andrew’s, our Advocate Peymen Erginel and you, our congregation.

There is a need for restoration, garden work and refurnishing to be done, far more than we would have liked, but we have not been allowed into the premises for over two years therefore the work mounted up.

We hope and pray that this brings us a step closer to being able to engage the services of a new Chaplain for St. Andrew’s.

Thank you all again

Stuart & Sandy