A Guest Choir from Finland Performing at St Andrew’s this Sunday 30th June.

A Fabulous Free Summer Concert in St. Andrew’s Church! 

On Sunday 30 June, the Tuulivoima Choir, from Finland invites everyone to a summer concert at 12 noon.

The choir will be performing a FREE concert from 12 noon for around 45 minutes.

This is the ONLY concert that they will be giving in the North of Cyprus, during their tour of the island.

The choir consists of 12 female, singing choristers who all come from Finland.

The concert has kindly been arranged by our good friend Tommy Rognmo of the Norwegian Church Abroad.

The choir will be accompanied (not musically!) by the Finnish Ambassador, Harri Maki-Reinikka, from the Embassy in Nicosia.

Please do join us for this very special event!

The choir was founded in 2013 with the name Tuulivoima and is an aspiring and ambitious female choir from Seinäjoki in Finland.

The choir’s repertoire includes a variety of traditional and modern choral music as well as pop music. All the singers of Tuulivoima were members of the Seinäjoki Girls Choir as youngsters, and their shared history gives the choir’s singing a very special resonance.

In 2011, Jorma Panula invited the former girls’ choir members to record “Peltomiehen rukous”, composed by Panula and performed by the choir in the 80s and 90s.

Inspired by this experience the women decided to form a female choir. The choir was named Tuulivoima (Wind Power) – it refers not only to the name of the former director of the Seinäjoki Girls’ Choir (Tuulikki), but also to soft values.

In recent years, the choir has performed major productions for sold-out venues, including a stage version of Jorma Panula’s “Peltomiehen rukous” for the Ilmajoki Music Festival and an updated version for the Heinävesi Music Festival in Seinäjoki and Vaasa. “Peltomiehen rukous” has also been performed as a traditional concert version around Finland. All the performances were conducted by maestro Jorma Panula. Additionally, Tuulivoima has arranged musical theater: both “Lakeuden naiset: sisua ja sydäntä”, Seinäjoki and “Hunningolla” Theatre Hysteria, Seinäjoki won the hearts of the audience.

Tuulivoima has organized concerts in Seinäjoki, participated in the Christmas concert of the Seinäjoki City Orchestra and the Independence Day concert of the City of Seinäjoki, performed in Vilnius, Lithuania at the invitation of the Embassy of Finland, and participated twice in the Vaasa Choir Festival. The choir has also performed in numerous charity concerts.

The choir is conducted by Kirsi Burman.

The concert is free, and everyone is welcome