In the event of the death of a British Passport holder or their spouse or partner, contact should be made immediately with the British Cemetery Committee who will provide help and advice regarding official requirements and will be able to make funeral arrangements.

You can contact any member of the Committee but please try the Chair or Deputy Chair first:

Because of the local regulations, the coffin containing the deceased will normally be taken straight to the Cemetery and both the service and committal are performed there.

Funeral Information 2018

Services Provided

The Committee will provide a coffin, transport of the coffin from the Mortuary, a grave site, metal surround and a plaque giving the name of the deceased, their date of death and plot number. It will backfill the grave and carry out basic maintenance of the Cemetery but not the grave site. The fees charged by the Committee include all charges with the exception of a Chaplain’s fee which a matter for the next of kin.

The Committee will also provide advice for the completion of the necessary formalities and whilst recommending that a permanent memorial is not placed on or around the grave for a minimum of 18 months, will also advise on the dimensions and style of any such memorial.

Should a member of the Royal British Legion pass away, their relatives or friends can request that the Royal British Legion Standard is present at the burial by contacting the Branch Secretary, Anne Lloyd on 0533 8418306.

Green Hill Cemetery

Located to the south of the new bypass above the Girne American University the Green Hill Cemetery is signposted to the left from the bypass, for traffic coming from the Girne area, as well as at the roundabout above the University where a short road leads towards an Army camp, before the Army barrier is a signposted lane to the left. The track up to the Green Hill Cemetery is awaiting tarmacing but carries markers along its 1.5 kilometres length.

The Green Hill Cemetery is open to all British passport holders of whatever denomination and services can be held by Chaplain, Pastor, Priest or Rabbi, or a Humanist Service can be organised.

Fees & Charges

The current (May 2017) charges for the Committee’s services for a single grave.

For Residents: £1200.00
For Non-Residents: £1500.00

The next of kin of tourists are advised to check their relative/friend’s travel documents as most travel insurance offers free repatriation. The Committee can advise on repatriation.