St Andrew's Church, Kyrenia - 1913

Built in 1913 thanks to the generosity of one time reader at St Andrew’s Eldred McDonald and Scottish mine owner George Houstoun, St Andrew’s has, for over 100 years, served community here in Kyrenia.

Much of the history of St Andrew’s is contained in the booklet “Short History of St Andrew’s Church – 1913-1988” produced for the 75th Anniversay of St Andrew’s in 1988 and revised in 2012 for the centenary of St. Andrew’s.

A Short History – 1913-1988


Canon Frank Newham (1864-1946)  was the Director of Education of Cyprus under the colonial administration and on his retirement (some time in 1938 or 1939) and up to the time of his death he lived in Kyrenia and looked after the Church there, as well as occasionally looking after St Paul’s in Nicosia. During the 1940’s and 1950’s  the church in Kyrenia was looked after by British Forces chaplains on the Island.

1962-1963: The Revd John Grimstead (also looked after Limassol)
1963-1971: Kyrenia was looked after by British Forces chaplains on the Island
1971-1977: The Revd Basil Pitt
1977-1980: The Revd Evelyn Chavasse and The Revd Sir Patrick Ferguson-Davie
1980-1987: The Revd Canon Arthur Rider
1987: The Revd Peter Collins (temporary)
1987-1990: The Revd Daniel Pope
1990-1994: The Revd John Kemp
1995-2000: The Revd Michael Stokes
2000-2004: The Revd Anthony Fletcher
2004-2007: The Revd Tony Jeynes
2007-2010: The Revd Michael Houston
2011-2013: The Revd Richard Frost
2014-2018: The Revd Wendy Hough
2018-2019: The Revd Michael Graham (Acting Chaplain)
2021-2022: The Revd Michael Graham (Priest-in-Charge, SSM)
2023-date: The Revd Alec Mitchell (Priest-in-Charge)