AMENDED – Covid restrictions for entry to St. Andrew’s

It would appear from the latest communication from the government’s Communicable Diseases High Committee dated 12/04/22 that “Places of Worship” have been removed from the locations where Adapass checks must be made before entry.

In addition, the regulation stipulating the maximum floor area of premises which may be used has been removed, together with the requirement for social distancing. Mask, hygiene and disinfection rules should still be adhered to.

This means that we can replace the seats which were removed from the church and begin the slow process of getting back to some sort of normality.

However, we will still continue to administer Holy Communion in the way we have been doing lately: people are asked to come to the front of the church individually to receive the communion wafer which they should then dip in the wine (intinct) if they wish to receive in both kinds.

* Please see for the latest information regarding criteria for travel and entry to venues..