A special day in St. Andrew’s, especially for Victor Idoga

On Sunday 11th February 2023, St. Andrew’s was honoured to welcome the Right Reverend Anthony Ball, Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Egypt with responsibilities across the new Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria, who Presided at the Eucharist on that day. The Very Reverend Christopher Futcher, Archdeacon of Cyprus, preached at the service.

Bishop Ball also serves as a Canon of Westminster Abbey, but perhaps of most significant importance currently from St. Andrew’s perspective, Bishop Ball is Chairman of The Jerusalem and the Middle East Church Association (JMECA) whose Standing Committee, the Jerusalem and East Mission Trust (JEMT), is the body which administers the assets of JMECA and a number of other charities that provide support for the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East (including the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf incorporating St. Andrew’s Church).

But Sunday 11th February was also a very special day in the life of the Church beyond assets such as buildings etc. when a young man Victor Idoga was received by baptism as the latest member of the Body of Christ which is the Church in St. Andrew’s.

Below are photographs (courtesy of Leo Igwe) of that joyous occasion.