Church Council Meeting Synopsis – 13th April 2022

Synopsis of Church Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday 13th April 2022

(draft – to be formally adopted at the next Council meeting)

Council recommended the following synopsis of the meeting be published on the St Andrew’s website and in the magazine.

  1. Since making the visit to the President’s office, Fr Mike had received a warm letter from Archbishop Michael complementing him on the initiative and advising that it would be included in the Diocesan website news.
  1. Draft accounts for the year 2021 had been presented to council and council agreed that these should be presented at the ACM, although not audited.
  1. Council members had received a copy of a recent Parish Profile and it was agreed that the incoming council should revise it according to the new circumstances.
  1. The Diocesan Vacancy-in-See committee had sent a questionnaire for all chaplaincies to complete. It was agreed that this should be carried forward to the new council.
  1. Council agreed that as it had not been practical to hold a special service this year to mark the World Day of Prayer, a £100 donation should be made to the charity.
  1. Council agreed that as there were to be refreshments served on the first Sunday of the month for a trial period, we should endeavour to have the shop available for people too. For this to be successful it will be necessary to look for volunteers for the shop and serving refreshments.
  1. Date of next meetingTo be decided when the new council was formed at the ACM.