Church Council Meeting Synopsis – 4th May 2023

Synopsis of Church Council Meeting Minutes

Subject to ratification

Thursday 4th May 2023

1. Need for Treasurer.

We are still in need of a treasurer. If you are able to help, please speak to one of the wardens. You do not have to be a Church Council member to take on this role.

2. Update of work at the Hermitage.

The refurbishment of the Hermitage is nearing completion and work on the garden has begun.

3. Licencing and Gift.

Father Alec will be licenced by Bishop Michael on Sunday 4th June. As this is the Bishop’s last service before he retires a gift will be given to Julia from the people of St. Andrew’s.

4. Music Week.

This will be held in October 2023.

Harvest Festival and Music Week Eucharist Sunday 15th October.

Monday 16th October 19.30p.m Charity Concert.

“Monday is Music Night”

5. Parish Lunch.

This will be held on Sunday 5th November. Further details to follow.

Church Council Meeting Synopsis – 9th March 2023

Synopsis of Church Council Meeting Minutes

Subject to ratification

Thursday 9th March 2023

1. Treasurer’s Report – The February accounts were still to be completed and the
Treasurer is to email them to council members asap. Shane confirmed that he
needed to hand-over the role of Treasurer to a suitable volunteer in the next few

2. A new part-time parish priest has been appointed – Revd Alec Mitchell. He will
arrive in late May and will be Licensed by Archbishop Michael on 4th June.

3. The Hermitage – The Chair of JEMT UK had visited The Hermitage in February.
Revd Alec and his wife had also visited The Hermitage during their recent visit to the island and had expressed a wish that subject to some renovation work on the building, they would like to make it their home while in the parish. JEMT had offered a substantial grant towards the cost of repairs and council agreed that the work should commence as soon as possible.

6. Fabric and Maintenance – Sub Committee report:

a) The replacement of the noticeboard is still outstanding.

b) The replacement of metal drainage outside the church hall plus replacing the man-hole cover is still pending but was regarded as urgent.

c) Main Church Entrance Doors – A Quotation has been obtained for the replacement of these doors and it was agreed that this work should go ahead.

7. Cover for Holy Week and Easter Services had been arranged by Archdeacon Christopher.

8. The Parish Lunch arranged for Sunday 2nd April is to go ahead under Earl’s organisation.

9. Arrangements for the Annual Church Meeting, to be held on Sunday 16th April 2023 were discussed.

10. Health and Safety protocols were discussed when people were working around the church.

Date of Next Meeting – 4th May 2023.

Farewell to Archbishop Michael and Julia – 3rd June 2023.


Church Council Meeting Synopsis – 26th January 2023

Synopsis of Church Council Meeting Minutes

Subject to ratification

Thursday 26th January 2023

1. Treasurer’s Report – Latest accounts will form part of the end of year report. Based on these figures it will be likely that for the next few years the church will need to draw on the Reserves to meet the forthcoming chaplaincy costs.

2. A candidate for the post of a Priest for Duty has been selected and will visit St A’s at the end of February.

3. The future of The Hermitage – The Chair of JEMT UK will be visiting in February.

4. Fabric and Maintenance – Sub Committee report:

  1.  The remedial work inside and outside the church has been completed.
  2.  The replacement of the noticeboard is still outstanding.
  3. The replacement of metal drainage en-route to church hall along with replacing the man-hole is pending.
  4. Repair to the wooden seat at the front of the church building is pending.
  5. Unused External Vestry Door – This door is looking shabby, to be boarded over and painted.
  6. Main Church Entrance Doors – These doors are decaying. To be replaced in a sympathetic way that befits the main entrance to the church. A quote to be obtained.

5. A volunteer is still needed to manage the hall kitchen.

6. Earl is to organise a Parish Lunch for Sunday 2nd April.

7. Charitable disbursements for 2023 to be discussed at forthcoming meeting.

8. Date of Next Meeting – 9th March 2023.

9. Annual Church Meeting – Sunday 16th April 2023

Church Council Meeting Synopsis – 1st December 2022

Synopsis of Church Council Meeting Minutes

Subject to ratification

Thursday 1st December 2022

1. Zoom Licence – Anne Lloyd confirmed that this had been purchased for use by members of St Andrew’s Church Council.

2. Treasurer’s Report – Shane had distributed a financial report for November to members of the council along with a proposed budget for the cost of a new incumbent on a House-for-Duty basis. The process of new Bank Signatories had been completed.

The creation of a Stewardship sub-committee was discussed, and council agreed there should be one. Shane is to contact proposed participants.

3. Recommendations for participants for interview panel for the new incumbent – Members of council proposed and agreed that Jacqueline McIntyre and Elizabeth McLeod will be the representatives for St Andrew’s on the forthcoming interview panel.

4. The future of The Hermitage – More discussions were held on possible ideas for future plans for the Hermitage.

5. Fabric and Maintenance – Stuart advised council on plans for work on dealing with the crack in the church floor in the short-term but for the long-term an engineer’s report should be sought. Recommendations were offered for the upgrade of external paintwork on the church to be carried out in the spring.

6. Church Hall Management – A volunteer has been found who is willing to take on the responsibility for church hall bookings. However, a volunteer is still needed to manage the kitchen. Advertising for this post will continue.

7. Music Week 2023 – Plans for this event have commenced. It will take place in early October 2023, and Earl had contacted and received initial agreement from a suitable facilitator. Also, a donation has been received towards the cost of the week’s events.

8. Date of Next Meeting – To be 26th January 2023.

Church Council Meeting Synopsis – 19th October 2022

Synopsis of Church Council Meeting Minutes

Subject to ratification

Wednesday 19th October 2022

1)  Zoom LicenceAnne requested that council give her permission to go ahead to use her personal credit card to purchase this licence.  Council agreed to reimburse her. 

2)   Service Sheets and Readings – Lyn Hillard has stood down from preparing the Service Sheets, council wished to record their gratitude to Lyn for all her time spent doing this essential job.  Anne had offered to take on the task and Mike Graham is to produce the Readings each week. 

3)   Christmas Services – There is to be a Carol Service on Sunday 11th December at 4pm.  Archdeacon Christopher will come to take the Christmas Day Eucharist, but this year we will not be holding a Christmas Eve midnight eucharist.  Council agreed to this.

4)   Hall Management – No one has yet come forward to replace Sally.  Advertising will continue.  If a replacement is not found the current hall bookings will have to be cancelled which would be a loss of approximately 2750tl per month, not counting any “one-off” bookings. 

5)   Fabric and Maintenance – The hot water heater in the kitchen is to be repaired.

The crack in the floor between the old and new parts of the church building is enlarging and needs attention.  Jacqueline is to have a discussion with Stuart regarding the best course of action.

Council’s attention was drawn to the shabby appearance of the external paintwork.  This remedial work is to be planned for spring 2023. 

6)    Finance – The Treasurer had produced a Financial Reports for September, copy attached.

There were discussions on future stewardship projects.  The chairman recommended the setting up of a small Stewardship sub-committee to discuss these ideas further.

The Diocesan Contribution for 2022 had been paid. 

New Bank Signatories had been agreed.

5)  Advertisement for New Incumbent – An advert for a new incumbent had been placed with the Church Times.  This should also be reproduced in the magazine and on the website. 

The chairman said that council should encourage the church to support this process with their prayers.

6)   Synod Delegate – Council decided that in the interest of economy only one delegate would be sent to Synod in Larnaca in 2023 and that will be Earl Moffitt.

Church Council Meeting Synopsis – 15th September 2022

Synopsis of Church Council Meeting Minutes

Subject to ratification

Monday 15th September 2022

1)  Visitors to Church – Malcolm Davies is organising a roster of volunteers who will be available to welcome visitors to the church.  He is to organise a simple method of providing keys to support this project.

2)  Finance – The Treasurer and his team had produced Financial Reports and a Financial summary for the year up to July 22.  During the past two years we have lost some of our main contributors.   Stewardship and Giving should be addressed as a priority.

3)  Zoom Licence – A Licence for the church to use Zoom facilities is to be purchased.

4)  Diocesan Contribution – Council agreed that a contribution of £2,400 would be given to the Diocese in 2022.

5)  New Incumbent and Hermitage – Any decision on renovation of the Hermitage could take one to two years to put into effect.  Council’s immediate attention should go into finding suitable rented accommodation and producing a very tempting advertisement for a House-for-Duty Priest to come and live in lovely Cyprus with its’ low-cost of living in relation to the UK.  An advertisement for this post is to be prepared and placed immediately.

6)  Fabric – Generator maintenance is to be carried out by Malcolm Davies.

7)  Church Hall – St Andrews urgently needs someone to take over this responsibility from Sally Birt who is standing down after many years of loyal service.

8)  Cover for services to the end of the year – This will be arranged between Jacqueline and the Archdeacon.



Church Council Meeting Synopsis – 10th June 2022

Synopsis of Church Council Meeting Minutes

Subject to ratification

Wednesday 10th June 2022

  1. The Chairman of the UK Charity had sent a request to council for their approval of new Trustees following recent resignations. The following people had expressed their willingness to serve: 


               Council approved the above people as Trustees.

  1. Investigations into the cost of obtaining a Zoom Licence are to be made.
  1. A new notice board is on order.
  1. If having refreshments on the first Sunday of the month are to continue, then more volunteers are needed for the coffee/tea rota. A request for volunteers will be put onto the pew sheet.
  1. The new Incumbent was discussed further, and clarification of terms agreed. It is hoped that an advertisement will be placed in September.
  1. The Hermitage – Trustees from JEMT Cyprus had visited the Hermitage and looked at what work was required. They would be submitting a report to JEMT UK for further discussions with all interested parties.
  1. The provision of clerical cover during the coming weeks was discussed.

Church Council Meeting Synopsis – 16th May 2022

Synopsis of Church Council Meeting Minutes

Subject to ratification

Wednesday 16th May 2022

1)  Ukraine donation – A donation of 12,500TL for Ukraine had been presented to Kuzey Kibris Türk Kızılay Derneĝi (the North Cyprus Turkish Red Crescent Society).

2)  Finance – The 2020 accounts are close to completion, awaiting the final audit.

3)  Church Hall – The hourly charges have been reviewed and council agreed an increase.

4)  Fabric – Gates – James reported that the gate hinges have been repaired.

Notice Board – Replacement is ongoing.

Benches – Repair is ongoing.

Irrigation System – This is ongoing. 

5)  Parish Profile.  Further amendments were made with the Archdeacon’s guidance.  A draft copy will be produced for the next council meeting.

6)  Hermitage.  Various options had been sent to JEMT (Cyprus) for their consideration.

7)  Jubilee.  Steve and Sally will be serving tea and coffee in the hall on 5th June and alongside this Anne and Pat will organise a celebratory toast to the Queen.

8)  DONM.  This will be at 10.30am on 10th June 2022 in The Heaven Café, Alsancak.

Church Council Meeting Synopsis – 4th May 2022

Synopsis of Church Council Meeting Minutes

 Wednesday 4th May 2022

(draft – to be formally adopted at the next Council meeting)

Council recommended the following synopsis of the meeting be published on the St Andrew’s website and in the magazine.

1)  Music Week – Earl had been in contact with Dr Joe McGee who will be available to come to the TRNC for the following programme commencing Sunday, 30th October 2022.

          Sunday – Choral Eucharist

          Monday to Thursday am – Choir Practice

          Thursday pm – Choral Evening Concert

2)  Finance – The 2020 accounts are still awaiting final audit but this is being pursued.

3)  Church Hall – Council agreed that the hourly rates currently charged should be reviewed.

4)  Fabric –

Gate hinges need to be repaired. James was authorised to carry out this expenditure and oversee the repair.

New Notice Board is required as the previous one was damaged in the storms.  James was asked to get quotations for council to consider.

Benches.   The bench in the front of the church yard needs repairing.  James is to get a quote for this.  Council decided not to repair the two old benches currently stored at the rear of the church..

Irrigation System.  The system needs adjusting as some planting had been done after the system was installed. Stuart will pursue this with the plumber.

5)  Parish Profile.  Council members had all received copies of the latest suggested amendments and spent a long time working through them.  The final draft will be tidied up and sent to the Archdeacon for his approval.

6)  Hermitage.  Council were given a report on work needed to be done on The Hermitage and quotations had been received.  These options are to be reviewed and investigated.

7)  Jubilee.  There will be an opportunity for a celebratory toast to the Queen during our refreshments fellowship in the hall on 5th June.

8)  DONM.  This will be at 10.30am on 16th May 2022 in The Heaven Café, Alsancak.

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