Church Council Meeting Synopsis – 26th January 2023

Synopsis of Church Council Meeting Minutes

Subject to ratification

Thursday 26th January 2023

1. Treasurer’s Report – Latest accounts will form part of the end of year report. Based on these figures it will be likely that for the next few years the church will need to draw on the Reserves to meet the forthcoming chaplaincy costs.

2. A candidate for the post of a Priest for Duty has been selected and will visit St A’s at the end of February.

3. The future of The Hermitage – The Chair of JEMT UK will be visiting in February.

4. Fabric and Maintenance – Sub Committee report:

  1.  The remedial work inside and outside the church has been completed.
  2.  The replacement of the noticeboard is still outstanding.
  3. The replacement of metal drainage en-route to church hall along with replacing the man-hole is pending.
  4. Repair to the wooden seat at the front of the church building is pending.
  5. Unused External Vestry Door – This door is looking shabby, to be boarded over and painted.
  6. Main Church Entrance Doors – These doors are decaying. To be replaced in a sympathetic way that befits the main entrance to the church. A quote to be obtained.

5. A volunteer is still needed to manage the hall kitchen.

6. Earl is to organise a Parish Lunch for Sunday 2nd April.

7. Charitable disbursements for 2023 to be discussed at forthcoming meeting.

8. Date of Next Meeting – 9th March 2023.

9. Annual Church Meeting – Sunday 16th April 2023